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Grafica Creativa 05. Jyväskylä. Finlandia. 2005.

Print Workshop: Book of portraits. Technical Mixed of Impression.

Students: 10
Techniques: - Digital impression - Xylography-Linoleum - chalcography.


The objective of the workshop will be the creation of a portfolio of 20 works that will function as a documentation of the intercommunication process among the participants been also a memoir of the workshop itself.

Using a digital camera we will make a blank and white portrait, of each participant and we will print it on a 30 x 25 cm paper. Working with a variety of prints techniques, each participant will create two works: his self-portrait and a portrait of another of the members of the workshop. The final work will be the result of the superposition of impressions and colach on the first photographic impression.

The student will made a self-portrait that expresses how they see themselves and a portrait that expresses how they see the other person.

We will made a edition of 10 by each print (same number of impressions that participants). At the end of the workshop each one will take a portfolio of 20 prints (10 self-portrait and 10 portraits) that will be a record to remember our experience working together.

Materials: 2 computers with digital Printer- 300 paper for engraving 30 x 25 cm- black and of colors Inks -10mts of tarlatan -10 zinc or cooper plates 30 x 25 cm-10 linoleum plates 30 x 25 cm-10 wood plates 30x 25 cm- 20 different size paintbrushes - 5 inked Rollers-10 Spatulas-10 Rackets-5 cutters-2 Pales for acid, 2 rolls of adhesive tape, 5 liters of solvent, 6 games of gouges, 6 games of burins or engraving tools- cleaning paper-1 Kg of Talc- 1 Kg of magnesium- ½ L White glue.

Day 1: Presentation of the assistants to the workshop. All the students should bring information on their previous work (pictures, dossier etc.). Small introduction to my work and to examples of works from contemporary artists that have used mixed technique of impression and portraits in their work. 
We will made each participant's portraits and we will be work in the computer with the Photoshop system.
A copy of each portrait will be printed 
Each student will take they a copy of they own portrait and that one of the other participant, in order to elaborate a previous sketch of the idea that will develop next day.

Day 2: The projects will be discussed, and each participant will choose the material (wood, linoleum or cooper) that they will use made the engraving matrix to be superimpose on to the original portrait.
Working with the techniques of xylography, chalcography and linoleum print.

Day 3: Working on prints and impression of tests

Day 4: Working on prints. Making editions of final prints

Day 5: Making editions of final prints and presentation of the portfolio.

ws1Images from the workshop

ws2Images from the workshop

ws3Images from the workshop

ws4Images from the workshop

ws5Images from the workshop

ws6Images from the workshop

ws7Images from the workshop

ws8Images from the workshop