Sandra Ramos

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SANDRA RAMOS transforms herself endlessly through her work. As a red-uniformed niña pionera (pioneer girl), during the early ‘90s, she explored the limits of her island world as a public school student (described by her as “andar sin pies ni manos”, “advancing without hands and feet”) in post-Revolutionary Cuba.

This exhibition should be dedicated to Jules Verne: this is the second time that on a national level our small island holds an art show which anticipates and heralds a political event.

For years, ARTnews has listed Columbus businessman and arts advocate Ron Pizzuti as one of the world’s top art collectors. Recently, he decided to make his extensive collection of contemporary art accessible to the public.

Having been spirited out of Havana while still in cloth diapers, way before Cuban mothers had discovered disposables, I was eager to catch Sandra Ramos' "90 Miles: Living in the Vortex" at Dot Fiftyone Gallery.

En la serie de Instalaciones que he venido desarrollando últimamente pretendo articular un discurso que exprese visualmente la aleatoriedad de pensamientos, imágenes, percepciones y los contrastes e incertidumbres que encontramos en la vida cotidiana en el mundo contemporáneo.