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14th Latin American & Caribbean Contemporary Art TODAY. PROMOARTE GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan. Dec. 25, 2015-January 26th, 2016.
Artistas de Cuba:
Sandra Ramos
Nelson Domínguez
Abel Barroso
Yendris Patterson
Carlos Estévez
Julio César Peña
Manuel Mendive
Otros artistas de México, Jamaica, Venzuela, Chile, Panama, Colombia, Brasil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina.

PromoArte has been introducing, through continuous exhibitions. numerous artists who are playing part in important activities in the Latin American Art scene. One of our most important collective exhibitions is the ¨14th Latin American & Caribbean Contemporary Art TODAY¨ which will be held from December 25th., 2015 to January 26th., 2016. This exposition is composed by 80 art works of different techniques from 35 artists.
Through tis show you can appreciate not only the gallery´s artists art works, but also from newly emerged artists’ works for the very first time in Japan.

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