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12 de enero - 12 de febrero / 2018

curaduría: Isabel Pérez

lugar: Academia de Arte de San Alejandro (USAR LA IMAGEN DE LA PLACA DE LA ENTRADA DE LA ESCUELA)

The National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro is the most ancient of its type in Hispano-American, and the second educational institution more antique in Cuba. It was open in January 11th, 1818 at the San Agustín Convent, in Old Havana.

The artist Sandra Ramos studied at this prestigious Academy from 1985 to 1988, before concluding her University studies at ISA (1988-1993, Institute of Fine Arts).
This time the artist gave a lecture ¨The Multiple Fingerprint, 1996-2011¨, a curatorial project curated and developed by Belkis Ayón, Abel Barroso, Ibrahim Miranda and Sandra Ramos, and a workshop at the Academy print workspace where she exchange experiences with students and professors. Later, she donated to school archives the printed art.


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