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Cubans: Post Truth, Pleasure, and Pain is one of the first exhibitions in our region that examine contemporary Cuban artists, both inside the island and the diaspora. Featuring the work of 19 different artists this multi-generational survey showcases well-known and emerging painters, sculptors, photographers, videographers and multi-media installation and performance artists. There is not just one kind of Cuban art, and the multi-faceted and complex issues facing all artists are just as relevant to Cubans and Cuban-Americans. Guest curators Elvia Rosa Castro and Gretel Acosta have gathered introspective voices, political shouts, hedonisms, rudeness, foreign languages spoken with good accents and marginal cubanisms. Visitors to this bilingual exhibition will encounter a range of works of art from provocative, sociological and documentary style, to depictions of strong sensuality,
to conceptualism. A younger generation of Cuban artists comment on issues like the dominance of
technology and industrial design and use a subjectivity that works against the traditional Western
lenses of binary thinking and power, gender, race, and immigration issues.

Artists in this exhibition:
José Bedia
Ariel Cabrera
Celia & Yunior
Rafael Domenech featuring Ernesto Orozo
Alejandro Figueredo
Diana Fonseca
Aimée Garcia
Rocio Garcia
Luis Garciga
Juan-si González
Manuel Mendive
Carlos Montes De Oca
Geandy Pavón
René Peña
Carlos Quintana
Sandra Ramos
Grethell Rasúa
Yali Romagoza

Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art

750 Marguerite Dr.
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

On the wall: Malecón, 2012. 3D animation Short

On the wall: Picando el cake, 2011 / Caballo de Troya, 2017 / Leviatán, 2017 Calcografía (Etching & Aquatint) In front: Cielos (Heaven), 2015. Mirror book.

Serie Movimiento perpetuo del Gusano entre dos orillas, 2018.  Caja de luz, objetos y motor mecánico.


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