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 An immersive, sensorial experience will bring over 20 artists and performers to show their art pieces and auction them off with an interactive presentation.

LIPS© Chocolate is the world's first "Interactive Chocolate" product, a Universal Connector designed to share between individuals. The overall mission behind the brand is to promote Universal Love, beyond barriers, beyond prejudice, for each race, religion or sexual orientation. LIPS© Chocolate is made with raw cacao, and is a premium, raw vegan chocolate product, utilizing premium organic ingredients. LIPS© Chocolate's one-of-a-kind design was made to be a new cultural phenomenon, helping bring people together, face to face, and increase interpersonal social interaction, breaking down cultural barriers in communication between people. This is especially designed to take people off of technology and social media to communicate and connect, whether through the courting of a potential future romantic partner or keeping the fire alive in a long lasting romance. This can be used in romantic, platonic, and family relationships and create new habits of communication and connection between people and their social circles.


Miami Port Giraffes/ Urban Zoo Series, 2016
Mixed media on Fine art paper. 81.28 x 106.68 x 7.62 cm (32.00 x 42.00 x 3.00 in)

Featured Artists & Art Auction: Edouard Duval-Carrié | Richard Moreta | Sara Stites | Angela Valella | Charo Oquet | Maximo Caminero | Mary Larsen | Pip Brant | Rafael Lopez-Ramos | Natasha Perdomo | Carolina Sardi | Carlos Alves | JC Carroll | Alette Simmons-Jimenez | Richard Verges | Claudia Scalise | David Marsh | Andres Michelena | Nelson Gonzalez | Sandra Ramos Lorenzo | Eddie Arroyo | Daniel Fiorda | Brandon Opalka | Kike Valderama | Josafat Miranda | Judy Jimenez | Nestor Arena | Candida Rodriguez. Performance Artists: Liony Garcia | The Kunstwaffen | Jenna Balfe | UOM – and DJ: Stefano Ravasini.

Performance Artists: Liony Garcia | The Kunstwaffen | Roxana Barba | Jenna Balfe | UOM

Opening: 6:00 PM EST

Our LIPS© Launch Event Opening will begin with a contemporary dance performance.
After the dance performance, we will then move into the Art Exposition and begin the auction. This will feature exhibition artists.

After the Art Exposition and auction/fundraising, the LIPS© Launch party begins. This portion of the event will be a performance by the featured DJ and an open dance floor. The interactive LIPS© Exhibition in the center. LIPS Exhibition will demonstrate the different layers of human social interaction with LIPS at the center between the people on either side.

During the DJ's performance, more LIPS© Chocolates will be available for purchase to the people within the Exhibition. The dancing, fun and connecting continues until the event ends at 9:00 PM EST

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