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DORCAM is bringing together a selection of National e International artists, including artists from the YES Contemporary Art Loan Program (El Salvador) and the PhotoAlicante Artist Exchange (Spain).

Come enjoy work by:
Nathalie Alfonso
Daniel Almeida
Ilian Arvelo + Diego Damas
Itzel Basualdo
Elysa D. Batista
Allison Bolah
Carlos Causo
Sofia Cordova
Ashely G. Garner + ALURIA
Adrienne Rose Gionta
Mirta Gomez
Jeanne Jaffe
Dulce Lamarca
Anja Marais
Christin Paige Minnotte
Cristina Molina
Charo Oquet
Edison Peñafiel
Sandra Portal
Sandra Ramos
Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez
Maria Luisa Sanin Pena
Lissette Schaeffler + Bill Cruz   
Angela Valella
Juan Carlos Zalvidar

SANDRA RAMOS. The Powerball (00:03:30 min) 2017.

From YES Contemporary Art Loan Program with work from The Mario Cader-Frech Collection:
Guadalupe Maravilla
Abigail Reyes
Veronica Vides

From PhotoAlicante Art Exchange:
Francisco Julian Martinez Cano + Athanasia Stergiaki   
Gema Polanco
Juan Pablo Ordúñez
Leonidas Spinelli
Rocio Villalonga

In addition, our partners from the Arts Connection Foundation are also bringing an excellent selection from their Open Call: Identity the New Frontier and Latin American Women in Video-Art: Trailblazers.
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