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TUB Gallery is pleased to announce “Revisited Mythologies”, the latest work and installation of the Cuban artist Sandra Ramos. This exhibit celebrates the artists’ sculptural art “Books” series by establishing a conceptual relationship with literature, mythology, and a universal philosophy. Through the use of mirrors as a recurring material in her work and a symbolic quality, alternative spaces are transformed that bridge the mundane life of modern cities with parallel worlds that we may only access through our imagination.

This dialogue is rooted on Sandra’s interest as an artist to rediscover the various infinite heroic stories and references that have not lost their inherent humanity. The Gods, heroes and archetypal characters like Odysseus, Cronus, Leviathan, Alice, the dream of a Utopia and Ithaca are used as symbols of the Promised Land. They remain models of the uncertainties, worries, anxieties and the dreams of the todays’ man. Sandra wants to preserve, to understand, and to rescue the essential elements that as humans have defined and unify this cosmos for centuries. It is a particular message in a world full of cultural, religious and social inequalities. In societies that are in constant motion and transformation. IS it a question of preservation or simply a mirror reflection
within each of us?

“Revisited Mythologies” is the metaphor which reflects on our conscious, a particular hosted of broken events through centuries, the recall for a connection or disunity between things or people, between culture and the human source, creating and acknowledging circumstances out of control.

This is the artists’ solo exhibition in Miami. She is represented in Habana by Sandra Ramos Studio and in Miami by TUB gallery.



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