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 RBL GRL | Revolution Doesn’t Ask Permission is being planned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, acknowledging women’s constitutional right to vote after a brutal 72-year battle for suffrage.

The title of the exhibit is an ode to the 1993 tune, ‘Rebel Girl,’ by Bikini Kill, one of the punk rock bands of the ‘riot grrrl’ movement that “kick down norms to make space for new ideas” (to quote NPR Music’s critic, Ann Powers).
RBL GRL will be a nod to audacity, persistence, daring, and asking questions. To breaking ground, breaking rules, and defying the gravity of any situation that is unjust.
RBL GRL will run February-May 2020 in the central gallery. The exhibit will include work from both accomplished artists (see partial list, below) and emerging artists.
The Thomas Center reaches a broad, diverse and very supportive audience. We will hold an opening reception for the artists on the opening night, February 7.

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